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The IntelliDialer can increase the number of meaningful conversations you can have in many ways. With all calls being logged automatically, whether making a Click-2-Dial or Power Dial, Sales Agents will spend less time entering data and more time on the phone. If you could make 20 more calls a day, have 2 more conversations and set 1 more meeting you’d have 5 extra meetings every week! In addition to having an opportunity to create speed when dialing you will also have an increased chance of having a conversation on every call using Local Presence. Local Presence provides Sales Agents with up to 32 local numbers across the country which will be automatically displayed as their Caller ID based on where they are calling. We have seen up to a 50% increase in the chance of a conversation and all returned calls are routed to that Agent’s direct line. Let us help your team dramatically increase the amount of meaningful conversations they will have with the right prospects at the right time!


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