Identify your Best Sales Process

In addition to being able to have more meaningful conversations you will also be able to quickly identify the most effective sales process specific to your team's goals. Within 2 weeks Sales Management can identify what activities drive the best results and have the predictability to resolve issues before they become revenue impacting. Now each Sales Agent on the team will be able to maximize their outbound prospecting efforts while Sales Management is provided with all the information needed to make proactive data driven decisions! Identify things like what time of day/week provide the best connection rates so sales agents can focus on making calls when people are more likely to answer the phone. Real-time analytics and customized Salesforce Dashboard’s created by Intelliverse make reviewing theses statistics quick and easy. With custom call dispositions and call recordings you can quickly learn how qualified a lead list it is or if you need to do some coaching. For real time coaching Managers have the ability to monitor live conversations which can be especially helpful for new hires that need extra coaching. Lastly with Pre Recorded Voicemails you can determine what messaging gets the most responses so you can focus on using the best sales pitch! Let us help your team identify your best sales Process!


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