Salesforce Integration

  • Download directly from the Salesforce AppExchange.
  • All inclusive pricing - No Install Fees, No usage fees.
  • 30 Minutes of free dialing for testing upon sign up.
  • Self Service Sign Up - Start making calls immediately after downloading.
  • Fully integrates with Salesforce to analyze contact history and call logs.
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Automated Call Logging

  • Eliminate manual data entry and increase sales teams' productivity.
  • Automatically capture and track all outbound call activity with accurate data sources.
  • Boost conversation rates and enhance customer experience.

The following results are on the first day the company began using the IntelliDialer App for Salesforce:

  • 132% Increase in Sales Call Activity.
  • 42 calls with IntelliDialer, 18 calls without one.

Local Presence Dialing

  • Improve outbound prospecting and connect rates by up to 40%.
  • Own 32 local numbers across the country at no extra cost.
  • All inbound calls to local numbers are routed back to the number of your choice.


Click-to-dial + Power Dialer

  • Click-to-dial - single calls to any Lead, Contact, Account, or Opportunity with one click.
  • Power Dialer - Make calls one after the other on a single line. This provides an opportunity to create speed while also having full control.
  • Easy setup and Salesforce integration with a single click.
  • Enable your sales teams to make calls directly from Salesforce.
  • Automatically capture, track and report all calling activity.

Pre-Recorded Voicemails

  • Save a significant amount of time and breath.
  • Leave an effective voicemail every time.
  • By avoiding the frustration of leaving voicemails, sales people can stay energized and focus on delivering the best pitch.
  • Identify what messaging gets the most responses and unify that across the team.


Reporting & Analytics

  • Save valuable management time with real-time analytics so you can make pro-active data driven decisions.
  • On demand stats to track dials, call dispositions and calling activity within Salesforce.
  • Determine your most productive outbound sales process with real-time analytics and increase connection rates.
  • Monitor your sales reps' performance with Call Recording and get complete visibility into the sales process.
  • Keep your data secure and manage leads efficiently.

Get Started

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