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Try the IntelliDialer app for Salesforce for FREE today and keep your sales teams focused and productive, whether working remotely or from the office. It provides complete transparency into your sales teams' performance and accelerates the sales process. The outbound calling activity is enhanced as you can engage in more live conversations with your prospects and customers.


Improve your Sales Outcomes with IntelliDialer

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Key Features of the IntelliDialer

Salesforce Integration

Install and start using for FREE within minutes

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Automated Call

Eliminate manual data

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Presence Dialing

Increase the chance of a conversation by up to 58%

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Click-to-dial +
Power Dialer

Make a call with one click or power through a calling list

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Leave an effective voicemail every time

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& Analytics

Complete visibility into your teams daily activities

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search     Drive Higher Performance

Intelliverse' Power Dialer dramatically improves sales outcomes by providing high speed, efficiency, and predictability to the sales process. By using data-driven insights and real-time analytics, IntelliDialer empowers your sales reps to sell smarter and faster. It calculates ROI and ultimately drives higher performance for your sales teams to gain more profits.

Key Benefits of the IntelliDialer


Dramatically increase the amount of meaningful conversations you'll have with the right prospects at the right time.

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Identify your Best Sales Process

Determine what activities drive the best results and
maximize your sales team’s outbound prospecting efforts.

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Enjoy complete visibility into your remote team's daily activities and resolve issues before they become revenue impacting.

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Why IntelliDialer?

As companies are still scrambling to adapt to the new remote business environment we would like to help keep your business moving by offering our IntelliDialer, a Salesforce Application, for FREE for a two week test drive!

The IntelliDialer will eliminate manual data entry which will yield clean data and increase the number of opportunities to have a conversation. Sales Agents can also avoid the frustration of dialing and leaving voicemails so that they stay energized and focused on delivering the best pitch.

At the same time Management will have complete visibility into their team's daily activities so they can ensure activity goals are consistently being met and have the predictability to resolve issues before they become revenue impacting. Let us help you grow your business! Download from the Salesforce AppExchange or reach out today and our experts will get you started in no time!

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